NFL Turkey Day and Week 12 Picks

Well, that was a rough 1-3-1 week, but luckily we’ve got three games on Thursday to make our money back. I give thanks for football every Thanksgiving, but especially so this year now that the Detroit Lions are not utterly terrible and unwatchable.

We’ve got three (potentially) good games to watch this Turkey Day. With the season almost 3/4 of the way over, we have a good idea on which teams are talented and which ones are not. The key moving forward is identifying the teams whose coaches are able to adjust gameplans, scheme according to injuries and stay healthy. Finding value is tougher; finding favorable matchups is the key to profiting in the later part of the season.

Another important angle is identifying those teams who are getting ready to (or already have) thrown in the towel. My beloved Chicago Bears come immediately to mind. They put up a good fight against the Detroit Lions at home last week and deserved a better outcome. A change in the kicker position will not be enough to save the season. While the continued development of Mitchell Trubisky will continue to be the story of the season, I’m afraid they’re in for a beatdown this week in Philadelphia and that said beatdown will send them to a tailspin. I’ll likely avoid them for the remainder of the season.

Without further ado, here are your Turkey Day picks from MeatbouseBets.

Detroit Lions +3 vs. the Minnesota Vikings

Dallas Cowboys +1.5 vs. the Los Angeles Chargers

New York Jets +5 vs. the Carolina Panthers

Indianapolis Colts +3.5 vs. the Tennessee Titans

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +10 at the Atlanta Falcons

Year to date results: 29-23-3

Good luck! And Happy Thanksgiving!

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